• The Skyship Chronicles – Film Trailer

    The Skyship Chronicles – Film Trai

    I directed/DP'd this steampunk action-adventure film which unlocks the first chapter in this swashbuckling series. Journey with sky pirates and ingenious...

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  • Sara Alina – Better Days

    Sara Alina – Better Days

    We filmed this music video for Sara in the heart of Atlanta. My film crew and I traveled there to...

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  • Ideal Image – Marketing Video

    Ideal Image – Marketing Video

    I partnered with Ideal Image (the largest laser hair removal company in the world) to created this marketing video which gives an inside look at how...

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  • Trend Micro Apprentice

    Trend Micro Apprentice

    I directed and DP'd this parody of NBC's "The Apprentice".  It was produced by my production company Litewave Media & St....

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  • Health-e-Systems – Extreme Video (2012)

    Health-e-Systems – Extreme Video (

    Produced by litewavemedia.com in Tampa, FL. This high-energy corporate video was produced for the Health-e-Systems 2012 trade show booth in...

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  • Man-Eating Hatchlings of Galvax-7

    Man-Eating Hatchlings of Galvax-7

    Filmed in the style of 60's B-Movie's, Man-Eating Hatchlings was produced by in Tampa, FL and won 4 awards at...

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  • F – [Short film]

    F – [Short film]

    *48 Hour Film Project Winner 2012 F was written, filmed and edited in only 48 hours as part of a...

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  • Jules Dongu Saves the World

    Jules Dongu Saves the World

    *World Premier at Gotham Screen International Film Festival in 2012 Jules Dongu Saves the World is a feature film that...

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  • Fantastic Sams – TV Commercial “3 Color Days”

    Fantastic Sams – TV Commercial 

    Fantastic Sams partnered with us to produce new TV spots for their 2013 campaign. This TV ad was filmed in...

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  • Fantastic Sams – “Night Owl” TV Commercial

    Fantastic Sams – “Night Owl&

    Produced by Tampa video production company, Litewave Media [litewavemedia.com] in Tampa, FL for Fantastic Sams 2013 TV advertising campaign. Filmed...

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  • Dirty Blue Jeans – Music Video

    Dirty Blue Jeans – Music Video

    I DP'd and directed this music video for country music artist Erin Cosgrove. It was filmed on location in Florida's...

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  • Sara Alina – FLY

    Sara Alina – FLY

    Up-and-coming national recording artist Sara Alina worked with us in 2013 to create 5 music videos for her debut album....

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  • Sara Alina – No Love

    Sara Alina – No Love

    After her EPK release in 2013, Sara debuted her first music video on YouTube titled “No Love”. It was filmed entirely in our...

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  • Sara Alina – Die With This Life

    Sara Alina – Die With This Life

    I DP'd and directed this music video for up-and-coming pop singer Sara Alina for her latest single. We built a...

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