“Coraline” by Come Back Alice

I directed this music video a few years back and it’s still one of my favorites. The locations we used in Ybor City, Tampa, and the woods with the old Florida trees, provided a really interesting backdrop to film. I was also cinematographer, editor, and colorist on the project.

No Limits

The gospel band was looking for a pre-show hype video to play before their concerts. I filmed, edited, and directed this video. We filmed everything in our Tampa video studio, and a few shots outside behind the studio.

Isis Sonatra – “Will You Be My Boyfriend”

We filmed this music video in St. Petersburg, FL on the beach and downtown. We wanted to film a dance sequence in the streets, and I’m really happy with how that came out. I was cinematographer, editor, and director on this project.

Sara Alina “Fly”

We produced 4 music videos for Sara. This was the first in the series of videos that I directed and filmed. We wanted to film at the beach, and the St. Petersburg, FL beaches towards the end of the video provided a great backdrop for that.